The 2nd UNWTO Knowledge Network Global Forum “A milestone to help make innovation the central focus of tourism”

Innovation has a central role in advancing tourism and its contribution to sustainable development worldwide. This was the focus of the 2nd UNWTO Knowledge Network Global Forum which gathered more than 400 participants from the public and private sector and academia to further connect theory and practice in tourism. The Forum´s main session were broadcasted live with a virtual audience that reached 400 participants who participated in a lively discussion.

A series of keynote speeches delivered by Alfredo González, Brand USA and other top leaders of the tourism sector delved in different key facets of Innovation: Products and Experiences, Competitiveness and Technology.

Framed within these three segments 42 papers were presented. The Forum’s Scientific Committee selected the three best academic papers which will be further enhanced and presented at the UNWTO Awards Symposium January 2015 during FITUR in Madrid, Spain.

Finally, an unprecedented panel discussion with three UNWTO Ulysses Prize Laureates highlighted that innovation can be fostered by conducting and utilizing tourism research to respond to supply and demands needs, but also by learning from benchmarks around the world which need to be further disseminated. Promoting public and private partnership with the academia to bridge theory and practice was also underscored. 

Prior to the Forum, the Knowledge Network Meeting gathered member and observer institutions to discuss our Programme of Work and present the newly introduced Research Activities aimed to further position the Knowledge Network as a core think-tank and research implementation arm of UNWTO.  

Read the official press release here. See the pictures here. 

Video footage of the Forum’s  main sessions  will soon be uploaded on the Knowledge Network website
Photo: Participants at the UNWTO Knowledge Network Forum, UNWTO OMT
Source: UNWTO Knowledge Network

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