“Pueblos Mancomunados”. Inspiration for travelers.

An utopy for travelers is to live the experience of discovering intimate corners of our Mexico living as a single man showing his identity and face the world. A combination of natural beauty to enjoy and live their charm , mixed with very human daily activities, which may give the shelter of the word” home”  for a moment in a paradise .

Joint communities is a set of 8 communities in the “Sierra Norte” of Oaxaca, working together since pre-Hispanic times, tracing paths that communicate their purity, showing their best lookouts, rediscovering waterfalls and flower crops while smoking chimneys are revealed at sunset light and remoteness give us a feeling of exclusivity and unmatched tranquility.10heads600.1

They try to manage their touristic services in the most environmentally way possible, treating wastewater, waste recycling and capturing stormwater. The cabins for ecotourism are built of adobe and wood. Each village has their own cabins and dining rooms. You can hike from one community to another and someone will be waiting for you, like if you were in the same place or, if you wish, in a mountain bike or a horseback riding.


The hiking in late June and early July has all the splendor of spring. After 6 months of almost no rain in the forest fields is dusty and almost dead, but suddenly transformed into a sort of land of natural wonders. The world wakes up and turn green and lush. Flowers bloom, small buds of thousands of small plants burst out of the ground and corn is suddenly so high as the chest and is really dark green.

Cuajimoloyas, Llano Grande, Benito Juárez, Latuvi, The Nevería, Amatlán, Yavesí and Lachatao will continue amazing you with its warmth and grandeur. Feel free to visit it and you delve into a living utopy.

Jesús Virrueta

” …perhaps most interesting about this place is that people function as a unit.

Responsible Tourism Guide. Sustainable Traveler.

” …over 400 years living as a single man and looking after their welfare.”

Travesías magazine.


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