Volovanes from Veracruz

Kalypso...with a K

Travel down any road in Mexico and someone is sure to be selling something. I am convinced that you can buy just about anything – and I mean ANYTHING – somewhere along the road.  10 pounds of oranges and jumbo bags of roasted peanuts…in the shell? Of course.  Coconuts and pineapples?  Naturally.  How about a set of wooden patio furniture?  Sure.  A new pet iguana?  Why not. So it was no surprise recently when we pulled into a Pemex station to use the restrooms that we also found a vendor selling still-warm-from-the-oven volavanes.  If you’ve never heard of a volovane, you will recognize them in a photo.

Yep, that’s right, puff pastry turnovers. The ones on the left were ham and cheese, the ones on the right were chicken tinga. The chicken ones were better. They cost 8 pesos, which is about $.65.  Little did we know that when we…

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