Veracruz central region

Veracruz central region beaches

Veracruz central region beaches

The beautiful state of Veracruz has an unmatchable historical value for being this, the land were the first municipality in México was settled. Here is located the most important port in the Mexican territory, and this is Puerto de Veracruz.

This zone compounds 26 municipalities, among which some of the most outstanding ones by their location in the Mexican Gulf coast are, Alto Lucero, Actopan, the 4 times heroic Puerto de Veracruz, the modern Boca del Río, the pleasant Alvarado, La Antigua, and Úrsulo Galván, were you will find the beaches of Chachalacas and Zempoala archaeological vestiges, conforming thus an extremely multifaceted zone that results attractive and interesting for every traveller.


The weather is warm in most of its municipalities, allowing a jungle type vegetation being home to several species of flora and fauna.

Visiting this central zone in the state of Veracruz de Ignacio de la Llave gives you the opportunity to visit its beautiful beaches and archaeological sites, like Zempoala and Quiahuiztlán, as well as the first church founded in América and Cortés house, among others. Stroll by the streets, shop at its modern malls, live its a nightlife, delight in its eateries or attend to some of its joyful festivities, like the famous Carnaval that is one of the most joyful in Mexico.


Boca del Río, Veracruz

Boca del Río, Veracruz


Quiahuiztlan, Veracruz

Quiahuiztlan, Veracruz


Edits: José Manuel G.


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