Day of the Lost Child.

The Lost Children’s Day is one of the most special holidays for the upstate of Veracruz, but the whole community comes together to give then this beautiful tradition.

ImageThis Tuxpan tradition dates from the eighteenth century and the Catholic celebration refers to the time when the child Jesus get lost on a pilgrimage. That is why every December 7, at 7 pm, in Tuxpan sounds a whistle is heard throughout the town and in honor of this event, placed by young and old, to illuminate the streets candles are lit. Candles are lit to help you return home.

However, there are also those who think that the candles are used to find the missing children, to help them return home, as well as with the Child Jesus.



In Tuxpan, candles are placed from the ” Lost Boy Alley ” in the city center , from here the first candles are lit at the foot of the sculpture dedicated to the holiday.

The day of the lostild is usually held in the northern state of Veracruz, mainly in the municipalities of Tuxpan, Cerro Azul and Poza Rica and has even in parts of the capital, which is held in one of the neighborhoods ones, thanks to the people with origins in any of the municipalities in northern Veracruz and that they did not want to forget the tradition. In Xalapa, the lighted street is in the neighborhood of the Dyke, from the street to the Park Venustiano Carranza Juarez in the city center, so the aim of preserving the tradition is recognized, no matter where the Veracruz is located.



This year, on December 7, without fail, Tuxpan will illuminate once more with the light of thousands of candles to be placed on sidewalks, windows and along the streets, where participating children, adolescents and adults, to illuminate the facades and streets of Tuxpan.

by: Jesús Virrueta


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