The Huapango Feast. Meeting of the Huasteca

Jesús Virrueta

The Feast of the “Meeting of the Huasteca ” has been running for 24 years during the last week of November , brings together the top talent and exponents of the Huasteca of Veracruz, Tamaulipas,  Hidalgo , Puebla , Queretaro and San Luis Potosi and other regions and countries. It consolidates as a diffusion space, rescue and preservation of the Huasteca culture.Image

La Huasteca  is formed by the states of Veracruz , Tamaulipas , Hidalgo , Puebla , Queretaro and San Luis Potosi , in this festival the opportunity to preserve and disseminate the values ​​, traditions and cultural expressions are huasteco . The Amatlán village is located in the north of Veracruz , three kilometers from the junction with federal highway 180 between Tuxpan and Tampico.

The northern part of the entity is characterized not only by the natural beauty and its rich cuisine has, but by culture and tradition that this region promotes , fosters and preserves through different events every year have emerged as important attractions for tourism and Veracruz that place as a unique destination to live and enjoy , as in the case of the Feast Huapango Annual Meeting of the Huasteca , which annually takes place in Los Naranjos, Amatlán .

This festival has its origin in the year 1990, when teacher David Celestine Isaacs , along with researchers from the Universidad Veracruzana , musicians , cultural promoters and Huasteca traditional dancers came together to create a forum for expression of the cultural manifestations of that region in order to rescue and preserve this musical , and poetic dancístico .

The last weekend of November, the people are prepared to live three days of festivities huapanguera with folk dance, musical trios, minstrels, craftsmen and decimeros who work with cultural promoters and researchers have succeeded in promoting and preserving the huapango youth , adults and the younger generation.


The 23 editions already held without interruption of the meeting of the Huasteca have emerged as the best space huapango expression and regional culture.

For over two decades, this popular meeting and expression are central and Huasteca culture leaves a testament to the work in the cultural field develops in the region and the state through a festival as iconic as the annual Feast of Amatlán Huapango . The XXIV edition of the annual Festival Huapango be held from 22 to 24 November.

Source: Coordinación General de Comunicación Social del Estado de Veracruz



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