The man and the sky sharing colors. Zozocolco Balloon Festival.

Imagine like heaven and men communicate with color and joy. You can’t miss it !

This weekend the town of Zozocolco continue the celebrations of Day of the Dead with an event that includes spectacular paper balloons that measure more than 20 meters high.

During the first days of November Zozocolco from 8 to November 10, this town located in northern Veracruz state, celebrates its traditional Paper Balloon Festival of China. Throughout this unique event contests as these floating produced more than three thousand sheets of paper from China. These crafts , which can reach more than 20 meters high , rise against the churchyard of St. Michael the Archangel , giving life to a colorful spectacle worth witnessing .

Each year , young and unleash your creativity to make these true patiently popular artworks . From the smallest, starting with eight sheets balloons, to sizes that match the height of the atrium of the church, are part of this traditional festival. In addition, visitors have the opportunity to learn to make their own paper balloons taught workshops to over a weekend, under the guidance of local artisans themselves.

The strong influence of the Huasteca over this region is palpable in the sample of trios potosinos and huapangueadas the contest immediately invited to dance at the zozocolqueños. If you are an expert in verse and prose, you can participate in the contest skulls, verses from the Mexican town of mischief and humor, or if you prefer, you admiring the variety of altars of the dead who remain on public display for the occasion of the Day dead. And at night, be sure to join Zozocolco residents to raise your balloon with dozens of these airships.



Complement your visit with a walk through the cobblestone streets of this town that retains much of its traditions inherited from their ancestors totonacos and leverages for its near Papantla, earth and vanilla cultivation.

– The geographical location has given it Zococolco lush surrounding nature. Meet crystal clear pools are hidden here.

– Enjoy the cuisine of the region that die zozolqueñas hands squeeze the flavor of your fingers and you take to Mexico on the palate.

– Part of the wonder of this place lies in its people, many of which retain their original language: Totonac. We invite you to talk to one of them, especially the elderly, to learn an occasional expression in this beautiful language.

– Know it Franciscan style church dating from the seventeenth century


Jesús Virrueta

Source: Mexico Desconocido



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