The tortilla, sun of the corn.

Unique, traditional, hearty, hot, with salt, toasted, in a taco, al pastor, in quesadilla, Chilaquil, sope, in soup, by hand, griddle , blue, white, yellow , fat , skinny , small, large, the Tortilla is the symbol and the older tradition of the culinary culture of our country.

 Beloved by Mexicans regardless of social class to which she belongs, the tortilla


is consumed every day as our bread alone or in multiple ways to present rich, accompanying the colors and scents of the exotic cuisine of Mexico, the tortilla is, with its distinctive simplicity, the protagonist of the Mexican dishes, and along with the tequila and chili, culinary sign representing the Mexican .

But when, where and how the tortilla is born ? Its origin is so ancient that its origin is not known with accuracy. However, we know that the pre-Hispanic history is related to corn and a few myths and legends found different references to it .

In the province of Chalco is said that the gods descended from heaven to a cave where he slept with XochiquétzalPiltzintecutli; Tzentéotl born of that union , the maize god , who crawled under the earth and in turn gave other seeds , of her hair came out cotton, sweet potato fingers and nails another kind of corn. Therefore, this god was the most beloved of all and called him “Lord loved you.”



” The origin of the tortilla is very old – master says Desiderio Hernandez Xochitiotzin , muralist and beloved chronicler of Tlaxcala – and it is impossible to tell where it was invented , as the tortilla is also found in the Valley of Mexico , Toluca and Michoacan . “

In the Popol Vuh, the sacred book of the Maya quiches, describes how in the creation stories of indigenous Mesoamerican corn and humanity are inextricably linked . We are people of corn and corn is of the people , because this plant is not in the wild.

Corn can’t live free , and therefore dependent for survival on the hands of the people who shelled, planting and harvesting. The Mexican needs the corn as much as the corn needs the Mexican.

Fuente: México Desconocido.


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