Oaxacan Markets

mercadoDuring the pre-Hispanic era, markets where placed in the places that were considered the heart of the city.

A crier carried a decorated banner which announced the day that would be consecrated for this activity. The surprising and innovating sight of the tianguis really made an impression on the Spanish conquistadors; it was an impressive example of organization and the variety of Mexican products. The essence of pre-Hispanic Mexico remained in the country throughout the years; one of the characteristics, which endure, for everyone’s enjoyment, is the ancient tianguis structured in the indigenous way.

Plaza day or great market is still present today, especially in the world of everyday life in provincial Mexico. Today, like before, a trading culture still remains in some places; this need for exchange continues to be the reason that the plazas are the place where different communities connect. The word plaza came from the Spanish word for central area, normally surrounded by religious and government buildings, which is where these markets always took place.

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It would not be an over statement to say that in the State of Oaxaca we can find, still this day in age, we can find the most diverse tips of Mexican markets. The many ethnic groups, with their products and traditions, mark the Oaxaca markets with color and flavor with a variety unmatched it the entire country. Farmers, artisans, and merchants bring their products to weekly markets and there, in the common plazas of different towns, an unparalleled social exchange begins.

It’s hard to say which market is the best of all. In the Oaxaca city market you can find a varied range of colors and textures: pottery, textiles embroidered by a waist loom, flowers, local chocolate, egg bread, leather products; an endless variety of edible insects to which aphrodisiac properties have been attributed and are used in many regional dishes.

In the coastal Mixtec region, the Pinotepa National market is famous for its contrasts and diverse communities that congregate weekly. The Istmo region has two very important markets: Juchitán  & Tehuantepec, at the later you can find iguana tamales, a local specialty. In the Mixtec region there are many famous markets like Tlaxiaco, Huajuapan de León, Juxtlahuaca and Putla. Visiting Oaxaca and visiting its markets is, without a doubt, an experience you cannot miss.




Source: Mexico Descocido

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