Is it safe to visit Veracruz?

Like any good traveler, we are concerned about safety. But, when it comes to others visiting our city, it’s important to let them know why it’s not dangerous to wander our streets. Since Veracruz is such an important city, with so much history, it is vital that visitors are able to visit it and feel safe enough to enjoy it without further worry.


Tips when visiting Veracruz:

In Veracruz, like in any other city we must be cautious. Not everything is dangerous and insecure, as long as we adhere to basic personal safety rules we can spend an enjoyable evening between alleys and son.

1. When walking around in the city centre, always do so with your purse, backpack or travel bag fully closed, so as to not catch the attention of pick-pockets.

2.Avoid attention catching items, such as fancy watches or too much jewellery.
3. It is also important, to be aware of our surroundings. Don’t be distracted by your phone or headphones as you wander the streets of an unknown city. Even locals try to avoid it, not only can it cause accidents but it may also put you in a position of vulnerability. Most importantly, as you cross the street; Remember, in all of Mexico, pedestrians aren’t always first.

4.As in any city, it is encouraged to not walk the streets alone after dark. As a stranger to the city, being alone during late night can be dangerous for many reasons. The city often looks different at night, and while you thought you were familiar with it, as night falls this fact may change. Now being lost in a city at night can be very different from being lost in a city during the day, there are less people about which could help you out.

5.When in very touristic places, such as the board-walk or the city plaza, avoid buying non-local products from street vendors. These are usually imported, low quality items that will not have a very long life span. These items are also normally not very representative of our state.


While these tips might seem basic, they are really all you need to be able to enjoy your days in Veracruz. While Mexico as a whole might be getting a bad rep in the news and media, it’s really all concentrated in a world apart from the daily lives of ordinary citizens.


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