Flavors of Veracruz

Our beautiful state is full of wonderful gifts from nature, we have a long coastline and a wide range of climates which allows us to produce an equally wide range of delicious products. We are also lucky to have the most important port in all of Mexico, which has been connecting us to the world for many years. The combination of all of these elements results in a unique cuisine, which can make tastes buds dance.


The cuisine of Veracruz is very well known, at least in Mexico, its great local seafood, meats, and produce make it cook’s paradise.


In the city of Veracruz, a must have is the Huachinango a la Veracruzana (Veracruz style red snapper), which consist of a baked fillet covered with tomato sauce, pepper, garlic and onions.



Another local dish that is a must have while visiting the city of Veracruz is Arroz a la tumbada, a rice dish that combines fish and shrimp in a seafood delight.

arroz a la tumbada

But of course these are only two of countless dishes you can try at any of the local seafood restaurants, from a simple shrimp cocktail to octopus in their ink. It’s all a matter of tastes when you are exploring the flavors of Veracruz.


After a delicious seafood meal, a nice treat is ice cream at one of the traditional parlors on Zamora avenue. They will scream “Pásele güero, güera, uero, uera” to everyone walking by. Here you will find ice cream made with local fruit, like guava, guanabana or mamey or more traditional flavors like lime or strawberry.



At night, you can visit a cornerstone of Verzcruz’ history, El Gran café de la Parroquia, where politicians, intellectuals, artists, entertainment personalities and clergymen have all come to enjoy a nice lechero (strong coffee served in a glass and hot milk poured right on your table).

cafe lechero



These are all must haves when visiting just the city of Veracruz. But the state holds so many more. With our varied climates, sea levels, and heritage each region of Veracruz has something special and unique to offer.


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