We invite you to try this incredible 10 day journey through Mexico


Discover nature, culture and ancestral rituals

This is not your ordinary México sightseeing tour!

Instead, it is an authentic and profound 10 day journey through México City and the states of Puebla & Veracruz which was specially crafted for the inquisitive traveler to give them a unique up-close encounter with this region’s colorful art, music, ancient customs, local culture, and impressive natural beauty.

Think of this trip as a popouri of sites, sounds, and natural wonder



Explore the vast archaeological zone of El Tajín (a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site), absorb the joys and the pains of Frida Kahlo through her art found at her home –Casa Azul, visit an organic coffee plantation, learn how a pre-Columbian drink is made, meet indigenous women who create with backstrap looms, take a whitewater river rafting trip (optional), visit a vanilla factory, sit in the first church ever built in the Americas, and more.


Marvel at the flute playing of a Papantla Volador (flier) perched precariously high atop a straight pole, attend the performance of the world renowned National Folkloric Ballet performing on stage at the México City National Palace of Fine Arts, and enjoy an outdoor harp concert of soothing music with the thick green tropical jungle forest as a backdrop.

Natural Wonder

Participate in an ancient Temascal cleansing ritual, relax on a secluded warm Gulf of México beach, travel in a palangana (motor-less boat) to marvel at the gnarled Mangrove trees, and learn how time was counted in ancestral México.


Trip Itinerary

  • Day 1:

Arrive in México City

Free day to explore and/or relax

Welcome dinner and reception

  • Day 2:

City Tour of the main historical places

Afternoon free

Evening – National Folkloric Ballet

  • Day 3:

Frida Kahlo’s House – Casa Azul

Free Time – Explore the interesting town of Coyoacan

Depart to Zacatlan, Puebla

  • Day 4:

Pulque Tour (a pre-Columbian drink)

Depart for Coatepec, Veracruz (coffee growing region) Free time to explore the quaint shops in town

  • Day 5:

Coffee Plantation Tour

Depart for Jalcomulco, Veracruz (riverside town) Short night hike into the tropical forest

Outdoor Harp Concert

  • Day 6:

Morning Metal Water Harp Activities (meditative)

or Whitewater River Rafting Trip

Afternoon – Free time

  • Day 7:

Travel to northern Veracruz along the coast

Boat tour to see the mangrove trees

Evening bonfire – time & calendar discussion

  • Day 8:

Explore El Tajín Achaeological Zone

Learn to create flower & fruit offerings as was done in ancient times

Visit the Papantla Voladores School (fliers) Backstrap Loom Workshop

Learn how Vanilla is grown, harvested, and processed

  • Day 9:

Depart for the city of Veracruz

Stop to see the Quiahuiztlan Burial Ruins

Stop to visit La Antigua (Casa de Cortez, First Church) Free time to explore the central plaza & malecón

  • Day 10:

Flight departs from Veracruz International Airport


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