See Men Fly!

See Men Fly!

Witness one the most ancient rituals of the Totonac culture; where men fly in the air in plea that rain will come to their lands. Live the experience of that were here long before us and that endure still.


Dare to adventure and discover this unexplored territory

 Dare to adventure and discover this unexplored territory

We would like to share with you an authentic and profound 10 day journey through México City and the states of Puebla & Veracruz which was specially crafted for the inquisitive traveler to give them a unique up-close encounter with this region’s colorful art, music, ancient customs, local culture, and impressive natural beauty

Sunrise is Totonac

Sunrise is Totonac

“Tlhan tasikunatlhaw wa ama listakni, lak kaxtlhawakgoya min laktanun chu tlhan latapaya”

“Certainly a great blessing is life, fulfill everyone their life mission makes it useful”

“Una gran bendicion sin duda es la vida, cumplir cada quien su misión hace útil vivirla”

“Certainement la vie est une grande bénédiction, accomplir chacun notre mission de vie la rend utile”

Rosas C., Ramón

Such a green and fertile land: Veracruz

Such a green and fertile land: Veracruz

Green forest, so full of life and birds that sing stories we can only imagine. Sontecomapan, with its mangroves of roots soaked in the water of a magic lake, essential for all the endemic species that you can find all the way to Los Amigos, a ranch with sustainable initiative that has some kayaks to wander around the area… and once the mangroves devoured the sun, the only thing remaining is the song of crickets as a lullaby.

Would you imagine yourself exploring underwater territory surrounded by turquoise colours ?

Would you imagine yourself exploring a sunken ship surrounded by turquoise colours ?

Reefs, islands and islets waiting to be discovered all around the Veracruz Reef System. Dive into the beauty and splendor of this protected area and make yourself explore white sand and crystal clear water. There’s a lot of unexplored underwater territory rich in flora and fauna.


Veracruz Virgin Islands, Anton Lizardo, Veracruz, Mexico